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Strategic research on the public service indemnification of the of the construction of chinese citizens sports venues based on honeycomb model

Author(s): Jianhua Ying, Guohua Zheng

To guarantee the public service of Chinese citizens sports venues, we analyze its indemnification from the perspective of sports service industry. Sports service industry is one of the important branch of sports industry and also an indispensable industry of the national economy. However, the current situation of sports service industry in China is quite negative. Its development is enslaved to the economy. Researches have shown that we have to make more studies on venues and facilities with the honeycomb model and the characteristics of sports public service, highlighting the imbalance between city and countryside and finding out the best covering model. To avoid resources-wasting and enterprises eliminating, we should consider the population density and properly increase the overlap area. In the sparsely-populated and less developed areas, the sports venue should cover more.

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