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Steroidal aglycones from acid-hydrolyzed products of Ophiopogon japonicus

Author(s): Yifeng Zhou, Yanyan Hu, Jianwei Mao, Boyang Yu

Four steroidal aglycones were isolated from acid-hydrolyzed products of Ophiopogon japonicus. The spectral analysis and chemical evidence revealed their chemical structures to be prazerigenin A (1), 1-O-sulfateruscogenin (2), ophiogenin (3) and rugcogenin (4).Among themcompound 1 was isolated fromO. japonicus for the first timeÿand compounds 1 and 4 exerted significant anti-inflammatory activity. In this paper, we first focus on the acid-hydrolyzed products of fibrous roots in O. japonicus. These steroidal aglycones in fibrous roots of O. japonicus would be promising sources to explore and utilize

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