Statistical analysis of triple jump’s dynamics and its grey forecasting model of result

Author(s): Yongkui Zhang

On the dynamics and mechanical problems of triple jump, using statistical software to analyze the raw data based on mathematical statistics, this study finds that when the speed conversion rate > 0.6, the results increase with increasing of the conversion rate, generally higher than the speed conversion rate. Speed conversion rate of 0.6 as the cut-off point, the analysis result shows that the speed conversion rate significantly affects the long jump results. The regression curve shows the relationship between the horizontal velocity and vertical velocity (force), which is a quadratic function, and lays foundation for the reasonable allocation of forces in the horizontal and vertical directions. Besides, this study also explains why the jump result is the best when the triple jump proportion is 0.382:0.236:0.382,which provides certain theoretical basis for the selection and evaluation of jump athletes from another point of view.

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