Start-up of EGSB reactor for treatment of piggery wastewater

Author(s): Caili Su, Haihua Li, Yane Tian

The start-up of the Expanded granular sludge blanket (EGSB) reactor for treatment of piggery wastewater was investigated. Using anaerobic granular sludge as seed sludge, the EGSB reactor can be successfully started up in 110 days at 35±1 °C by gradually increasing the volume load. The optimal volume load was 11.8 kg COD/(m3·d) with 12.2h of hydraulic retention time (HRT). The COD removal efficiency reached about 79%, biogas production was 58.17 L/d, and CH4 content was 53.6%0The results showed that the EGSB reactor had good performance for treatment of piggery wastewater.

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