Start-up of a bioaugmentation anoxic-oxic (A/O) biofilm process treating natural rubber wastewater

Author(s): Jing Wang, Xiuying Tang, Yanhui Liu, Yongchao Jin,Yuqi Liu, Jing Cheng, Xiaojun Xu

This study adoptedA/O biofilmprocess for the treatment of natural rubber wastewater. Through continuous adding ofMEMflora (exclusive natural rubber wastewater degradation bacteria) into the system, the concentration of pollutants in the effluent of the system can be effectively reduced. After 10 days of system start-up, the removal rate of COD and NH3-N reached more than 90% and 83% respectively. Bioaugmentation A/O biofilm process can effectively shorten the start-up time of the system as compared with traditional biofilm process without adding ofMEMflora; when addingMEMflora by 30mg/Linto every cubic meter of wastewater, the best effluent quality can be obtained with regard to COD and NH3-N concentration. The quality of natural rubber wastewater effluent after bioaugmentation A/O biofilm process treatment is lower than grade I discharge standard specified in the Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8987-1996).

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