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Stachytarpheta jamaicensis ethanolic leaf extract as wound healer on alloxan-induced diabetic sprague dawley rats

Author(s): M.H.Wan Rozianoor, K.Nurul Nadia, S.Nurdiana

The present study investigates the wound healing activity of Stachytarpheta jamaicensis leaf extract in normal and alloxan-induced male diabetic rats. Wound healing activities involved six groups of four rats for a period of 20 days. The groups consisted of Group I (normal control), Group II (diabetic control), Group III (diabetic treated with metformin),Group IV(diabetic treatedwith 0.2%extracts),GroupV(diabetic treatedwith 2%extracts) andGroupVI (diabetic treated with 20%extracts). The most effective dose to speed up the wound closure was the 0.2% of S. jamaicensis extract. The topical application of plant extract cream on diabetic excision wound significantly improved (p<0.05) the percentage of wound contraction for 88% when compared to untreated diabetic rats. However, themost well organized structure of newcells was the treatment group with 20% of S. jamaicensis. Histological analysis had confirmed that S. jamaicensis altered the arrangement of granulation on the wound site as compared to the other treatments. These findings suggest that S. jamaicensis has excellent potential as a plant based wound healing agent towards improving the quality of life for diabetic. In line with the GC-MS analysis, the most probably bioactive compounds contributed to the wound healing activity were phytol, linolenic acid and palmitic acid.

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