Sprinter kinetics analysis and prediction model on hectometre scores

Author(s): Mingyou Gao

This study conducts dynamics analysis on acceleration phase and uniform phase of the sprint, finds that athletes whose physical condition is not dominant can compensate for this deficiency by changing angle è between the reaction force F and the ground. Build nonlinear regression models according to the scores of the top three of the past 30 years’ track and field world championships men’s hectometer. The research results show that the top three time and annual of men’s hectometer are in negative correlation, indicating thatmen’s hectometer scores are steadily improving. Conduct scores forecast on the top three of the 2013 track and fieldWorld Championship men’s hectometer, the performance is 9.84 seconds, 9.97 seconds and 10.01 seconds respectively. This study helps athletes to strengthen the key projects training on the basis of comprehensive training, to improve their physical fitness, and thus improve competition scores on certain degree.

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