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Sports dance to female college students' physical and psychological health level influences' factor analysis

Author(s): Liqiu Zhao, Yi Zhong

In recent years, sports dance has become one of favorite sports events among numerous female college students. It has extremely high entertainment, fitness, and appreciation. It has impacts on female college students’ physical and psychological in multiple aspects. The paper selects female college students as research objects, divides them into research group and control group. Targeted at basic information, body shape indicator, cardio-pulmonary function indicator, and body balance indicator, psychological indicator these six influence orientations, carry out investigation and research on 40 more kinds of influence factors. Utilize factor analysismethod, it provides factor analysis screen plot. Thereupon, it defines every influential orientation’s main influence factors, simplifies the above 40 kinds of influence factors into six influence factors, and combines with practice, it defines five main influence factors. Those are weight, lung capacity, single leg standing with eyes closed, deep squat and summarization. The simplified result provides powerful evidence for the kind of problems subsequent researching, is easy to subsequent research.

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