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Speed control strategy for a four wheel drive and four wheel steering vehicle with two electromotors

Author(s): Lei Dong, Bukang Wang

This study explores a new configuration of 4WD-4WS (four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering) underground vehicle. The vehicle was driven by two electromotors to enhance the motility and turned by several spatial links to reduce the turning radius with this configuration. Exploiting the new electric vehicle attaches considerable importance to the choice of the control strategy of the driving system. A dynamics mathematical model was established firstly and the instantaneous responses of the electromotors power were obtained by numerically solving the equations. Simulation results elucidate that the inner electromotor rotation speed fallen control strategy had the merit of the smooth vehicle speed and power outputs. This control strategy minimized the disadvantages of overburden of the electromotor. Additionally, field tests were carried out to evaluate the dynamics model and proved that the model was quite accurate

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