Sorption behaviour, diffusion mechanism of the iron metal ions in the environmental samples onto polyurethane foam

Author(s): E.A.Moawed

The sorption properties of polyurethane foam (PUF) and chromatographic behaviour for separation and determination of iron metal ions were investigated. The diffusion mechanism of iron metal ions onto PUF was studied under particle diffusion conditions and limited batch technique. The maximum sorption of Fe (III) was in the pH values of 2.1. The variation of the sorption of the Fe(III) ions with temperature gives an average values of H, S and G to be -102.3 kJmol-1, -314.0 J K-1mol-1 and -9.7 kJmol-1, respectively. The average sorption capacity of PUF was 1.69 mmol g-1 for the preconcentration factors of values ˜250 and the recovery 98% were achieved (RSD 0.48%).Themodified ofMorris-Weber equation, y  a x  b where a = f(r+, r, z, T, C) and b = f(Qe) was examined for the interpretation of the diffusion mechanismof sorption of iron metal ions onto PUF. The determination of Fe(III) in the environmental samples using PUF was applied.

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