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Smart sign in system design based on RFID and mobile communication technology

Author(s): Heli Niu

RFID and mobile communication technology and other departments in the enterprise can get more extensive application in the process. But there are some disadvantages. The system design process is not to achieve further scientific and reasonable. Many enterprises and departments for the understanding of the intelligence check system process is relatively one-sided. It did not make the true value of intelligent check-in system maximized. And for other departments in the enterprise of the corresponding negative effect in efficiency. From the point of the development of science and technology, RFID and mobile communication technology has been widely used in many different areas. In the development process of intelligent check in system, however, the use of RFID and mobile communication technology process and the embodiment of the importance and don't get too much. Eventually lead to only sign in system just to stay on the surface, but did not get deep mining. In this paper, combining the current situation of the corresponding research process, further exploration and development for the future to lay a solid theoretical basis.

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