Simultaneous determination of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim in laboratory prepared mixtures and pharmaceutical preparations using three different analytical techniques

Author(s): Ahmed Ashour, Maha A.Hegazy, Mohamed Abdel-Kawy, Mohamed B.El-Zeiny

In present paper, Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim-whose spectra show complete spectral overlap in their absorbing range (200-320)-were analyzed using three analytical techniques: two multivariate techniques- Partial least squares (PLS) and principal component regression (PCR)- and univariate first derivative on ratio spectra . These techniques do not require preceding extraction steps. The models were built using thirteen calibration samples and the accuracy of the results from developed models were tested by application on independent validation samples and market samples. The developed models show mean percentages recoveries of 101.07± 0.967, 100.92± 1.174 and 100.64± 0.806 for PLS-1, PCR and Svitsky Golay derivative ratio for Sulfamethoxazole andmean percentages recoveries of 100.44± 0.993, 100.37± 1.132 and 100.20± 1.251 for PLS-1, PCR and Svitsky Golay derivative ratio for trimethoprim . Being accurate, precise, rapid and relatively inexpensive; these methods can be used for the quality control labs in the routine analytical work on this pharmaceuticalmixture.

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