Simulation of MPPT control using an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm of generation system

Author(s): Lei Shuying, You Guodong, Li Jisheng, Li Jinyu

Because of the difference of environmental conditions, such as temperature and solar radiation quantity of radial, photovoltaic system has the characteristics of nonlinearity and multi-peak. In order to effectively improve the accuracy and speed of maximum power point tracking, the existing circumstances and problems of maximum power point tracking control was analysed in this paper, maximum power point tracking using an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm of photovoltaic system was proposed, duty cycle was initialized after being divided into two parts, and simulated in the environment of MATLAB/Simulink. The comparison of the indexes of MPPT performance and the waveform of output verifies that, the proposed MPPT method has faster tracking velocity for MPP, avoids oscillation around MPP, for variational environment, including partially shading and irradiance lager wave, could always find optimal MPP, and is better than the traditional methods.

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