Simple Syntheses Of 5-Fluoro/Chloro/ Bromoindole-2-Methanols And 5-Fluoro/Chloro/Bromoindole-2-Aldehydes

Author(s): B.Narayana, B.V.Ashalatha, K.K.Vijaya Raj

Efficient and simple methods for the syntheses of 5-flouro/chloro/ bromoindole-2-methanols and 5-flouro/chloro/bromoindole-2-aldehydes have been described. 5-Flouro/chloro/bromoindole-2-methanols were prepared by the reduction of methyl-5-flouro/chloro/bromoindole-2- carboxylates with sodium borohydride in methanol/tetrahydrofuran media and 5-fluoro/chloro/bromoindole-2-aldehydes were prepared from 5-flouro/chloro/bromoindole-2-methanols by the oxidation with PCC (pyridinium chlorochromate) or with chromium trioxide-pyridine prepared in situ. The compounds have been isolated in good yields and characterized by 1H NMR, 13C NMR, FABMS and elemental analysis.

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