Serum CEA, SOX2 and CA50 RIA detection of lung cancer patients

Author(s): Zhu Yunhe, Wu Guo, Luo Lei, Liu Yongfeng, Ren Liangping

Through the serum carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), stem cell markers (SOX2), carbohydrate antigen 50 (CA50) and other tumor markers (TM) joint inspection methods, explore the correlation between TM and lung cancer, seeking to improve the diagnosis of lung cancer positive rate and the best means of prognosis. Methods: serum collected from 85 cases of lung cancer patients before treatment, after treatment, 6 weeks, 6 months, CEA, SOX2, CA50 was examined by ELISA assays, 25 patients diagnosed with non-lung cancer as control group. Results: CEA, SOX2, CA50 were significantly higher in experimental group than control group, the difference was significant (P <0 01.); Postoperative residual and metastatic tendency TM content does not fall significantly; serum CEA + SOX2 + CA50 joint testing positive rates of up to 91.2%, significantly higher than the single seizure (P <0. 01). Conclusion: combined serum CEA + SOX2 + CA50 can increase the positive rate of diagnosis of lung cancer; early diagnosis of lung cancer has an important role, especially with a specific value to evaluate the efficacy and postoperative metastasis.

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