Seminal xanthine oxidase: Appropriate fluorometric assay for the examination of spermatozoa disorders

Author(s): Mahmoud Hussein Hadwan, Lamia A.Almashhedy, Abdul Razzaq S.Alsalman

A Fluorometric assay for semen xanthine oxidase activity that could be used as a back-up to current tests in the differential diagnosis of spermatozoa disorders is described. The assay is based on the H2O2- dependent oxidation of thiamine catalyzed by peroxidasemimetic (amixture of hematin (HT) and hemoglobin (HB)). The method is sensitive, precise (CV below 7.9%), and linear up to 40 U/l. The analytical recovery of the present method is estimated. The comparison with the UV method gave good correlation (r = 0.994). Themethod is applied to the measurement of the XO activity in seminal plasma of fertile men and Asthenzoospermic patients. Reference values for seminal xanthine oxidase activities determined with the presentmethod on 30 healthy persons are 70.37±23.1.

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