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Semantic web service composition model research based on normal cloud model optimization

Author(s): XiaofenWang, Lihua Han, Shuhai Wang

Web service composition business function is realized mainly byWSDL description, howeverWSDLjust owns pure grammatical rules, and it causes lacking of semantic differentials. By exchanging SOAP withWeb service composition business, so that implant WSDL into semantics becomes urgent requirements to strengthen service composition selection and identification abilities. By far, general used semantics implantingmethod is OWL-S andWSMO based on ontology, due to above two methods suffer scattering, uncertainty and freedom influences that lead to service composition always cannot really arrive at reasonable satisfaction degree. Cloud computing can organic combine conceptsÂÂÂ’ fuzziness with randomness, is a kind of effective theoretical systemmaking interconversion between qualitative and quantitative, normal cloud model is the most important cloud model, themodel has goodmathematical properties, it can well represent natural science and social science lots of uncertain phenomena. The paper analyzes ontology-based OWL-S and WSMO methods implanting semantics toWeb service compositionWSDLmerits, it proposes a kind of semantic Web service composition model based on normal cloud model optimization, by cloud computing cloud concept, it combines cloudÂÂÂ’s cloud droplet with Web service to optimize basic Web service compositionmodel, and analyzes the optimizationmodel rationality and feasibility

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