Screening, characterization and optimization of production parameters of alpha amylase inhibitor produced by Paenibacillus lentimorbus

Author(s): Nagamani Bolla, T.Prabhakar, G.Girija Sankar

To screen amylase inhibitor producingmarinemicroorganisms fromsea, a bacterial sps Paenibacillus lentimorbus isolated from marine sediment produced an extracellular amylase inhibitor having activity against bacterial and fungal amylases. The optimal medium for the production of inhibitor was investigated by using shake flask method. Glucose as carbon source and soybean meal as a nitrogen source for better production of amylase inhibitor as well as the growth of the isolate. Themaximumproduction of inhibitor was observed in a optimizedmediumconsisting of 2.0%glucose, 1.0%soybean flake extract, 0.3%NaCl, pH7.0 in 100%distilledwater. Out of 50 marine bacterial isolates only one marine bacterial sps was able to produce amylase inhibitor. The yield of fungal alpha amylase and bacterial alpha amylase inhibitor was increased by optimizing the above mentioned medium by 38% and 34% respectively. The organism was designated as SS11/16 (sea sediment -11th sample 16th colony). This was the first report on amylase inhibitors produced from marine Paenibacillus.

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