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SBM-DEA model research and analysis based on an improved sports industry listed company operational efficiency evaluation

Author(s): Weixiao Liu

Sports industry listed company development status has closely relations with widespread status of sports popularization, the paper makes research on Shanghai, Shenzhen exchanges’ five sports industry listed companies and Hong Kong exchanges’ six sports industry listed companies’ financial data, summarizes five input indicator variables and five output indicator variables, and then by factor analysis, it summarizes input variables into input abilityM1and operation capacityM2, as well as summarizes output variables into development potential N1 and profitability N2. In order to easier to research on problems, the paper adopts a kind of SMB-DEA model that based on improved sports industry listed company operational efficiency evaluation tomake analysis; in the paper it firstly analyzesDEA model drawbacks in handling with undesirable output problems and establishes a kind of improved DEA mathematical planning model, after that it states Tone established SMB-DEAmodel’s mathematical principle, finally after summarizing improved DEAmodel and SMB-DEA model’s merits, it establishes a kind of improved SMB-DEAmodel. By researching on mathematical model and data features, it gets eleven sports industry listed companies input output variables technical efficiency status and pure technical efficiency status, and interprets each company operational status with numerical status, finally it applies improved SMB-DEAmodel getting each sports industry listed company scale efficiency evaluation value and efficiency value, relatively objective provides feasible reference suggestions for each company development

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