Safety water depth model of cliff diving based on MATLAB simulation

Author(s): Jianbo Li

In the cliff diving competition, whether the athletes should head first or feet first into the water and safety water depth issues has always been an issue of concern. This paper combines with computer and usesMTALAB software for numerical simulation, and obtains themathematicalmodel of cliff diving safety water depth. It uses the estimation formula of impact pressure peak on compressible water surface by the rigid plate based on VonKarman unitary collision theory and calculates the maximumpressure dropping fromheight 28m; according to the maximumforce of the human head, it can be seen that the head cannot first enter into the water. In the study of the safety water depth issue, the athlete’s movement is divided into three processes: the process from diving tower to the water surface, the process from barely touching surface to completely into water, the process from completely into water to the bottom of the pool; it uses MTALAB to simulate three processes, finally solves the safe water depth and provides theoretical support for safety competitions, training and extreme challenges.

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