Rigorous design and implementation of an innovative electric generation unit for a portable self-powered lung air flow meter

Author(s): Z.L.Gaing, S.H.Wang, C.H.Lin, C.M.Lin, C.Chen

An innovative portable self-powered digital lung air flow meter with a useful electrical generation unit (EGU) is proposed, for the monitoring of asthma and themeasurement of the expiratory strength, using an electrical signal generated by the EGU. The EGU must be able to provide sufficient electric power to the proposed surveying instrument when a blower uses the instrument. The EGU is composed of a pneumatic turbine and a highly effective generator. A pneumatic turbine is used, in the form of a Pelton turbine, which has less air resistance and allows increased mechanical power for generation. A coreless axial-flux permanent-magnet (AFPM) generator, which has the advantages of simpler construction, lower cogging torque, light weight and small size, is also used to measure expiratory strength in this paper. The experimental results show that the proposed EGU exhibits excellent performance and provides sufficient electrical power to the proposed portable self-powered equipment, without vibration and noise.

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