Review on the policy of valuing agriculture and supporting measures the government took for agricultural production in the tang dynasty

Author(s): Tao Ye

"Valuing agriculture" is a consistent policy in the feudal society in China, and the same also in Tang Dynasty, which even with a developedbusiness and more relaxed restriction to the merchant compared to other feudal dynasties, however."Value agriculture" policy is mainly characterized with"advise agriculture" and ensuringfarming seasonin the tang dynasty. In order to secure the normal development of agriculture, the government of Tang Dynasty also takes measuresvigorously, namely, promotingthe development of agricultural technology, valuing and setting the calendar, compilingagricultural books and safeguarding theinput of labor force, which play a positive role for the development of agricultural economy,andpromote the development of agriculture,as a result, toprovide the material guaranteefor the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

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