Researching on filtering processing algorithm for conveyor belt surface images

Author(s): Chunqing Ye, Changyun Miao, Xianguo Li, Yanli Yang, Houpeng Liu

The research analyzes the role conveyor belt played in the modern production and the significance of image processing on the conveyor belts surface, and by applying machine visual detecting system to obtain the images of conveyor belts surface and studying them with filtering processing algorithm it mainly researches the smooth spatial filtering algorithm and frequency domain filtering algorithm, of which the former studies the mean filter and the median filter while the latter studies the ideal low-pass filter and the ideal high-pass filter. Meanwhile, it applies these two algorithms to process conveyor belts surface images, which reflects the noise of images on the conveyor belts surface can be lowered while the quality of images be improved and the object to be identified can be separated from the background images to identify the fault. This research in this paper will widely be applied to detecting conveyor belts surface images.

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