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Research to the application of emotion mode in college folk dance teaching

Author(s): Lihong Zheng

Folk dance has been taken widely as a typical course suitable for college dancing. Since its birth, however, this course has been in the shadow of the traditional teaching modes. Faced with new requirement of social development and educational reform, we have to explore a proper teaching mode for folk dance which put people first and facilitated the progress of college students. Therefore, Professor Leng Ran forges that emotion and cognition should be integrated for better teaching. In recent years, the emotion mode proved to useful when applied into college folk dance teaching as it improved teaching effectiveness as well as students’ all-round quality.This paper applied several research methods including research of literature, teaching experiments and questionnaires. The edges of emotional mode are proven through the research and analysis of its literature of theoretical evidence, teaching procedures and targets in accordance with current academic situation where China’s college folk dance teaching modes are studied. Meanwhile, innovation is made by applying emotion mode into folk dance teaching, and the mode is also proven as better arising students’ interests and creativity than traditional teaching modes.Besides, this paper also elaborates the procedures and edges of emotion mode in folk dance teaching, aiming to explore a proper teaching mode of folk dance catering to college students, so that teaching quality can be improved, and students’ distinctiveness and creativity can be developed.

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