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Research status of primary and secondary school teachers in work pressure and its relationship to personality dimensions

Author(s): Cui Qien, Zhang Xiaoxia

This paper studied 26 schools in basic education for primary and secondary teachers in Xi'an and Xianyang in Shaanxi Province. Used questionnaire of primary and secondary school teachers work pressure and occupational burnout survey for research. The survey found that (1) Contemporary society of primary and secondary school teachers work pressure is very great. (2) Interpersonal relationship pressure is less accomplishment and emotional exhaustion has positive prediction function. Interpersonal relationship pressure on depersonalization is also have positive prediction effects. Employment pressure on emotional exhaustion also has positive prediction function. But relatively speaking, the backward prediction depersonalization is occupational prestige pressure. (3)Primary and secondary school teachers' professional development, workload, examination, interpersonal communication, roles, responsibilities, and employment will have a certain amount of pressure, stress and emotional exhaustion which has a very significant positive correlation. Ultimately come to the conclusion: Three important reasons for teachers occupational burnout are predicted by different environmental pressure, so teachers work pressure and occupational burnout is a very significant correlation. Teachers things for different stages of coping style and social support have their own characteristics. The focus needs to reflect the subjective support and utilization of objective support.

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