Research on theory and practice of virtual reality technology in national environmental art design

Author(s): Junbo Cao

With the modern technology developing by leaps and bounds, the advent of virtual reality technology has brought great conveniences to people who has get rid of the colossal databases. It can be said that virtual reality technology has provided a unprecedented platform for showing and exchanging information. Meanwhile, it has gradually modified the tedious and rigid man-machine interface to be user-friendly. By creating a virtual world, virtual reality technology offers users simulations for their senses, which makes the users feel that they really live in that world. The clumsy mouse and keyboard has been embarrassing, while any attempt to move these gadgets will be bound up by wires. But we can still claim that in national environmental arts design, the virtual reality technology has offered effects of simulation, interaction, directness, coordination, allowing users to experience the virtual world. Trough the introduction of the definition and the present application situation of virtual reality technology, this research analyzed the impact of virtual reality technology on national environmental arts design, introduced the real application effects of virtual reality technology by designers.

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