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Research on the spatial distribution characteristics of arable land natural quality grade in Yunnan province

Author(s): Zhang Geng-Jie, Yu Jianxin, Zhang Chuan, Liu Shuxia, Zhang Jiansheng, Wang Dongjie

Understanding the distribution characteristics of arable land in Yunnan Province is significant to make the scientific decision for using and improving the natural quality of arable land. In this study, the distribution characteristics of the arable land grade including 129 counties were analyzed based on the accomplishment of cultivated land classification in Yunnan Province. The results showed that the average natural grade was 9.8 and ranged from 1 to 28, which meant that the natural quality of arable land was relatively lower in Yunnan Province. In excellent zone, the grade ranged from 2 to 21, plus 25 and 26, and the average grade was 9.3. In good zone, it ranged from 3-23, plus 1, and the average grade was 10.3. In medium zone, it ranged from 2-25, and the average value was 10.4. In poor zone, it ranged from 2-27 without 17, 18, 19 and 20, and the average was 8.1. The middle and poor arable land had the largest area, and concentrated in the middle and poor zone, which had influenced the average grade the most in the whole province. This research provides a reference for policy making about apace arrangement optimization, quality improvement and ecology environment protection for arable land in Yunnan Province

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