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Research on the relationship between chemical elements and human body health in sports environment

Author(s): Shuxun Sun

Chemical elements are the most essential Relationship between human body health and sports environment. They relate to human being with the soil, air, water, and so on, of the sports environment. Thus we can draw a conclusion that a very close relation between human body health and chemical elements in sports environment. And a lot of some chemical element human body is closely and inseparably related to sports environment. Some Chemical elements which proportion may influence the physiological functions and normal growth of human being in sports environment. This paper analysis of the correlation with crustal elements and elements of life reveals the trace element imbalance harm for human health in geochemical environment. At same time, pointed out the factors those influence the balance of trace elements and human body. Finally, puts forward the important measure which maintain body balance, balanced nutrition which provide trace elements for human body, safeguarding human health, to optimization and utilization of geochemical environment.

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