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Research on the network platform for English teaching based on streaming media technology

Author(s): Dongyang Xu

With the rapid development of information technology and network communication technology, the process of educational informatization continues to accelerate, providing an opportunity for the development of network platform for English teaching based on streaming media technology, and the traditional teaching model is no longer able to meet the needs of modern social development. This study researches on the application of streaming media technology in network platform for English teaching. To compare with the traditional teaching platform, network platform for English teaching minimizes users’ waiting time, diversifies the learning methods. Users can browse relevant information according to their own needs, greatly enhancing the learning efficiency, and this is also the key of the research. This study starts from the definition of streaming media technology and network platform for English teaching, analyzes the necessity and advantages of the construction of network platform for English teaching based on streaming media technology, and the influences of the latter on the former. New communication technologies provide more ways for users to obtain the required information, and make the construction of the network resources achieve a qualitative leap. In the investigation, it is found that the information needs have leveled up to screen real-time interactive information resource instead of simply for information browsing and download under the multi-factors influence. And this also contributes to the appearance of streaming media technology. The studied streaming media technology solves the transmission issue of video and audio information in a certain extent, frees learners from the learning time, place and even geographical constraints, builds a platform for communication between teachers and users, and creates conditions for digital management of video and audio resources.

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