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Research on the CAI-based training system of martial arts

Author(s): Weihua Yao

With the social development and scientific advance, information technology is changing quickly, thus the Internet has been widely used. Education, being the main means of cultivating talents of high technology, with the development of computer technology, modern education technology has developed rapidly and the teaching activities which are aided by computer technology have been applied. So the teaching mode in PE classes has changed from previous teaching based on experience into modern teaching. This essay introduces the characteristics and functions of CAI-based teaching system, the former is that it can make teaching vivid, simple, visualized and emphasized, and the latter is that it can promote the efficiency of teaching. Thus this essay explicates the characteristics of martial arts which, as a traditional Chinese teaching item, confronts the reality of various skills and tricks and flexible actions. So combining CAI and martial arts and applying CAI into the teaching of martial arts can improve, to a large extent, the efficiency and quality of teaching. Also this essay designs the CAI system of martial arts, analyzes the structure of the system, draws the picture of the system's function and describes the classification of the system's function. What is more, taking “five-step boxing” as an example, this essay performs the real application to explain the convenience and speediness of the system.

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Table of Contents

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