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Research on the black and white balance technology of TV camera technology

Author(s): Yang Yan

The black and white balance technique is one of predominant television camera techniques. During the process of photography, the black and white balance should be adjusted according to the color temperature of light source and filters. The black and white balance technique is of profound significance to TV camera, and it enables the TV system to make a real and vivid representation of the specific color. For the television system, its central role is to relive the color in internal situation to reproduce color of the situation. In the TV camera technology, the representation of color is based on the performances of cameras as well as the balance of black and white photography technique. In the process of the black and white balance adjustments, you need to select the appropriate color temperature and light source, which is the key to the black and white balance technique. The main reason to choose appropriate lighting is that human vision has a corresponding adaptation for specific color. For example, bright colors will produce the stimulating effect on Visual system. This study is to analyze the black and white balance techniques in the TV camera technology through black and white balance theory to analyze their specific types, how to set up a television camera system with black and white balance techniques in practice, and specific factors that should be considered in the actual settings. The essay analyzes the black and white balance technique in the TV camera technology. According to its properties, the essay focuses on the significance of the black and white balance adjustment in TV camera technology, the factors that should be concerned in the adjustment, and the impact of different adjustments on the television camera technique.

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