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Research on the application of outward bound that breaks through the traditional training thinking and mode in track and field training

Author(s): Zhengxi Huang, Hongqiong Wang

Track and field pursuits of a better level of people basic actions, playing a decisive role in the sport, but with the popularity of new sports, athletics status is continuously extruded even replaced. To change this situation, concept of outward bound which breaking through the traditional training thinking mode and requirement is introduced, joining the outward game in preparation activities in the track and field training. The research uses control experiment and divides the experimental sample into observation group and control group. The observation group will add outward bound in the track and field training. After 4 months of training, test the two groups in the aspects of final track examination, psychological quality, and social adaptability, so as to study whether it is beneficial to use the outward bound in track and field training. According to the results of the survey experimental subjects who accept outward bound perfume better in the three aspects of track and field sports exam, psychological quality, social adaptation than those who have not accept outward bound. And according to the statistical analysis of the investigation result, the difference between the obtained two groups is significantly, with statistical significance. It can be concluded that the outward bound can make track and field training more interesting and improve trainees’ interest, so as to improve the trainees’ athletic performance, and exercise psychological quality and social adaptability of trainees; therefore, the trainer should use the outward game more in the track and field teaching in the future.

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