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Research on the application of Java virtual machine in the distributed thread migration

Author(s): Wang Chao, Li Qiang, Lian Yingjie

With the rapid development of electronic information science and technology, the Java virtual machine technology is becoming more and more important, its role is becoming more and greater at the same time, the role of the distributed algorithm is becoming more and greater, too. this study analyzes and studies the Java language and distributed architecture, on the basis of which it conducts the combined research of the Java virtual machine and the distributed computing,, and, in turn, designs the distributed computing architecture of Java virtual machine based on thread migration. By this way the prototype of the Java virtual machine is realized, the distributed thread migration mechanism of Java virtual machine is also realized; finally, the distributed applications of Java virtual machine migration online are summarized and prospected. This study not only summarizes the developing status of distributed system and Java virtual machine, but also proposes a new idea that Java virtual machine realizes the distributed computing in a thread migration, on the basis of which this study puts forward distributed Java virtual machine controlled by single control node where control node takes charge of the management of virtual machine, while the general node is responsible for the execution of the thread. It allows multiple threads' concurrent execution, as well as the intercommunication between various nodes. Object module heap can carry out object access of physical node whether remote or not, and has a unified interface. Threading module is mainly responsible for creation and migration of thread, and is also responsible for balance in the allocation of task at the same time.

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