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Research on the analytical method of video of athletic contest

Author(s): Zhongwei Wang

During the fast development of computer technology, multimedia technology and network technique, there are huge of video information. However how to extract meaningful information from them is a complex question. Modern big sports events cannot without the video technique, the current method is to analyze and search the video and apply the processing techniques and analysis techniques of computer to establish a full set of index structure of video in athletic contest which is convenient for users. The analysis techniques of sports video have importance and valued application whose key part is to analyze semantic event and mutual relation. Firstly, the thesis explains the research background of analytical method of video content of athletic contest. And then, it introduces the research status, the structure of video, semantic analysis and current technical question and so on. It also proposes analytical methods based on rule and statistics and detection method of replaying the wonderful event. It states the process of extracting wonderful event in video content of athletic contest and analytical rule of sports game video. Finally, the thesis analyzes and compares the statistic model through the test scheme and testifies whether they can successfully resolve the semantic event in sports game video and look far ahead into the future of athletic contest.

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Table of Contents

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