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Research on selection of athletic talents and training methods for long jump in chinese teenage track and field

Author(s): Qiyong Duan

As an essential part of track-and-field sports, long jump is one of the traditional sports events in China. After the 1980s, many records for long jump in Asia or even in the world were created or maintained by Chinese athletes. As the future and new blood of the country, teenagers would become the dominant forces in inheriting and developing the athletic business of long jump in China, which will have profound effects on the long jump in China. By referring to relevant documents as well as making questionnaire surveys and on-site interviews with the athletes and instructors who have attended the national Youth Championships in Athletics, this research conducts the comprehensive surveys on teenage athlete’s sports intensity, sports time as well as instructor’s educational background and competence etc. Through the research, young male and female long jumpers in China basically meet the requirements in joining the competitions; however, control over the teenager’s training age, training duration and training intensity is obviously not good enough. Moreover, developments of the teenage long jumpers in China are affected by multiple factors such as the athletes’ own conditions, training methods as well as the instructor’s level; among them, the instructors’ educational backgrounds and qualities, reasonable selections of athletic talents as well as training methods play a significant role in athlete's performance and development.

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