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Research on scientific methods of explosive force training in track and field training

Author(s): Jiming Zhang

Scientific and reasonable explosion and usage of force can mobilize and release the explosive forces of track and field athletes to the greatest degree. And single training method can not meet requirements physiological basis of explosive force, and only the organic combination of a variety raining modes can explore the potential of track and field athletes more scientifically. This study is to train the athletes through the organic combination of various training methods, and illustrates that through the experimental data and theoretical analysis the training method of combining the fastest speed with minimum load and minimum power with maximum load is the most effective way to explore the explosive force of track and field athletes. In the track and field sports, explosive force is the key factor affecting athletes' performance. Track and field events like the short span, jumping, and throwing particularly ask for explosive force of the athletes, so the explosive force training of the track and field athletes has been paid more and more the attention of coaches and researchers, which the research on explosive force training become a hotspot. This study focuses on the explosive force training of track and field sports enthusiasts in college. By using different training methods as well as combining different training schemes, different training effects are obtained. Then a large number of experiments show the scientific and reasonable training program can largely improve the explosive force of track and field enthusiasts. Some even can quickly improve their explosive force in a short period of time, making gratifying achievements in track and field events or sports. Therefore a good combination of training modes has significant practical value to improve the explosive force of track and field athletes.

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