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Research on radio signal reconnaissance based on if digital channel reconnaissance receiver

Author(s): Liu Yang

Modern electronic communications are heading a way of compact, complex, and widened occupying electromagnetic spectrum. The higher signal density is, the more signal reconnaissance receiver gets. The increasing complexity in signal forms and the widening electromagnetic spectrum require the receiver improved and achieve ultra-wideband intercept. And channelized technology is said to be the best method for ultra-wideband communication reconnaissance. This study explains the necessity of using ultra-wideband radio in receivers based on the current developing trend of reconnaissance receiver, describes its characters and advantages over conventional one. Then this study gives an overview on channelized technology mainly about its three basic structures and compares advantages and disadvantages of each structure. Later, it analyzes on the use of IF channel technology in reconnaissance receiver, mapping out the composition of the receiver, which is strong in acquisition probability, sensibility and resolution ratio, optimizes the search mode of the system, and analyzes the figure of relationship between IF channel reconnaissance receiver and the system, pointing out that the rough workmanship and the operating temperature explain the low center frequency.

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Table of Contents

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