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Research on planning of the integration of urban and rural areas, and construction of landscape green space system, of Lucheng City

Author(s): Weicheng Han, Tieying Li

Lucheng City has a long history, and now is the only county-level city which belongs to Shanxi Province. This city has a small population of people which are relatively concentrated. The economy of this city is based on the coal industry, which results in the fact that the secondary industry dominates while the primary and tertiary ones obviously fall behind. To respond to the call of our nation, which is that ‘balance the development between the urban and rural’, and to meet the needs of the urban development, it is essential to make some detailed strategies. Especially, the construction of the landscape green space system plays an important role in this process. This paper focuses on the drainage purposes of this system. In addition, to enhance this city’s drainage function, it is also demanding to optimize its drainage system, which in this paper we concentrate on the urban sewer system. In this paper, we apply two mathematical models into the drainage analysis and optimization, which are the soil water characteristic curve (SWCC) method and urban sewer system model (USSM), respectively.

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