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Research on performance optimal control and experiment for gasoline engine under oxygenenriched air intake condition

Author(s): Han Bing-yuan, Bei Shao-yi, Zhao Jing-bo, Feng Jun-Ping

The study object in this work is air cooling single cylinder gasoline engine with four strokes. The gasoline engine performance test bed was established based on oxygenenriched air intake and the mixed air intake with objective oxygen-enriched proportion was prepared. The optimal control of gasoline engine performance under oxygen-enriched air intake conditions was realized, whose control error was not larger than ±1.5% and the response time was not longer than 10 s. The gasoline engine performance verification test was performed by two air intake ways: normal air intake and MAP controllable oxygenenriched air intake. After comparison between the test data of oxygen-enriched and normal air intake ways, it can be analyzed that the average torque growth rate of oxygenenriched air intake way under full load condition is 17.76%. The average fuel consumption reduction rate of oxygen-enriched air intake way under the rotate speed of 3000 r/min is 12.68%. The HC average reduction rate of oxygen-enriched air intake way under the rotate speed of 2000 r/min is 14.88%, CO average reduction rate is 17.85%, and NOx average increase rate is 7.42%. The comprehensive performance of gasoline engine under oxygen-enriched condition is improved and the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction is achieved

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