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Research on network marketing model based on big data analysis

Author(s): Guo Lihong, Li Zhixin, Li Changming

With continuous development of China’s economy and increasing improvement of science and technology, people’s living standards have been remarkably improved. From lag in technology to the computer age, big data has already become the subject of people’s life. Big data is a very important resource. The coming of big data age plays a significant role in the Internet, and it has very high applying values. Network marketing under big data has already become an important means for marketing personnel to gain profits. Big data age is the second largest strategic resource of a country only nest to energy. Big data age plays a very significant role. It not only comprehensively influences people’s life but also has a positive effect on enterprise marketing on this basis. For instance, an Ecommerce enterprise can utilize big data to easily find clients if the enterprise masters big data technology. To a large extent, this reduces marketing time of products, and remarkably increases the success rate of product transaction. Moreover, great improvement is achieved in various aspects. In this paper, the author mainly discusses the research on network marketing model based on big data analysis.

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