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Research on motion tracking and detection of computer vision

Author(s): Fen Chen

With the enhancement of modern signal processing capability and the advent of intelligent computer, researchers are trying to acquire images and other information from the external environment by camera and convert the acquired information into digital signals for processing. The use of Digital Image Processing technique to analyze and process visual information forms a new discipline called Computer Vision. The initial Computer Vision handles mainly two-dimensional images, and with the further development of target segmentation and edge detection, the research on motion tracking and detection of Computer Vision speeds up. This paper introduced a method based on moving target detection and tracking of visual movement. Target Motion Analysis is an act to track and detect the moving targets in the acquired motion video. With the development of science and technology, moving target detection and tracking gradually become a hot issue of modern technology for the practical application not only in military but also in economic activities. In the relative complex context, once the target is changed or the target is blocked, it will make it even harder to detect and track moving targets of Computer Vision, which puts forward higher requirements for moving target detection and practicability.

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