Research on modular ontology modeling based on domain vocabulary

Author(s): Liu Ziyu, Zhang Rong, Qu Ying, Song Wei, Liu Bin

More and more scholars begin to pay attention to modular ontology, and it can solve the problems of the construction of large ontology, ontology reuse and the efficiency of reasoning. Based on the research of construction and connection method of modular ontology and the characteristics of domain vocabulary, this paper presents the structure and the formal definition ofmodular domain ontology, and puts forward a method ofmodular ontologymodeling based on domain vocabulary. This paper details six parts of the method: determine the range of domain vocabulary, the division of ontologymodules, ontologymodulesmodeling, extraction the connection between concepts of ontologymodulars, connect the ontology modules and generate the domain ontology and consistency test. Under the guidance of this method, an example of the modular ontology of high-speed railway domain is developed to verify the feasibility of the modeling steps, in which using owl as the ontology description language and using the semantic extension method of owl:import to connect ontology modulars.

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