Research on mobile payment based on connection of NFC and SIM card

Author(s): Yuetao Wu, Weizhou Zhou

As science advances, mobile communication technology is developing very fast, and smart phones have become more and more important in people's lives. Due to its large population, China has a huge number of mobile phone users which means one billion by 2011 with a penetration rate of more than 80%. Thus China is likely to become the mobile market leader in the future on the use of smart phones and mobile Internet services. With the development of smart phones, mobile applications are beginning to involve new areas such as mobile payment in addition to the traditional functions of calling, texting and surfing the Internet. With the above mentioned large group of mobile users, China has got a spontaneous market for mobile payment. Up to now, mobile payment has got much attention and applied by more and more mobile users. Among all the technologies of mobile payment, NFC has its own advantages over others and has a bright prospect in market and application. In the future, mobile payment will become the main payment method in China, and near-field mobile payments based on NFC technology will become more popular. Therefore, this paper, after combing the development of mobile payment at home and abroad, compares the present using mobile payment method with NFC-SIM based payment method, analyses the advantage of the latter one in safety and convenience, then explains the connection scheme of NFC and SIM card.

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