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Research on logistic analytic hierarchy processbased gymnastics development influence on human physical and psychological health

Author(s): Songtao Wang

Gymnastics as a kind of sports leisure event, it not only is able to relief fatigue, build up one’s body, but also is helpful for strengthening physique. However, no matter athletes that go in for gymnastics, or civil that regard gymnastics as a kind of leisure event, all the number of people significant change. The paper by Logistic regression analysis, in horizontal view of gymnastics athletes numbers changes, utilizes obtained data to make exact analysis, and further vertically makes comparative study with total number of athletes, and then analyzes recent years’ Chinese gymnastics development trend. Utilize analytic hierarchy process to study gymnastics influence on human psychological health, by analyzing gymnastics and chemical medicines curative effects on depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder these main mental illnesses, it makes quantitative analysis of gymnastics important impacts on human psychological health treatment. It gets conclusion: Chinese gymnastics development is relative slower; gymnasts’ numbers are little, especially for international level gymnasts and sports masters. In order to better propel to gymnastics development, give its impacts on human psychological health into play, it should positive encourage teenager and broad civil to take gymnastics exercises, expand gymnastics impacts among public, let gymnastics to develop towards stronger orientations and better serve to public.

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