Research on key technology of data storage safety based on cloud computing

Author(s): Chao Chen

With the rapid research and application of Internet of things, a huge amount of data will be generated. However, the traditional storage mode is out of date as it cannot guarantee data’s completeness and security any longer. Data storage and maintenance does not only require low cost, but also require good extendable performance. For the sake of an easier data management, the stored data shall be safe and clear. The proposal of cloud storage can well solve the problems in the development of Internet of things. However, cloud storage faces a big problem, i.e. how can its security be guaranteed? During the application of cloud storage, we need advanced technologies to guarantee the security and availability of cloud computing. The data security concerns national security and personal privacy. Thus storage security is crucial. In this paper, we mainly introduce key technologies of cloud storage. Under the condition of data security, compared with traditional ones, cloud storage has lower cost and larger capacity for data storage. This can meet the requirements of modern enterprise development. Cloud storage accelerates development of Internet of thins, and also provides a better solution to the data explosion.

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