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Research on informational management of laboratory equipments in university based on RFID logistics technology

Author(s): Congli Xie

With the popularity of Chinese education and the progress and development of higher education, in order to further enhance their own school-running level and teaching quality as well as improve the level of the teachers, universities has been constantly introducing advanced teaching laboratory equipments. On the one hand, it not only can help the teachers with their teaching, but also can well improve the students' learning efficiency. However, there are also many problems existed in management of the large number of laboratory equipments, for the traditional artificial unintelligent managing way of using pen and paper in daily record already cannot meet the needs of the presented situation. Collecting data by manhood will cause such problems as collecting not in time or collecting incorrectly. And collecting data by manhood puts forward higher request for laboratory managers in equipment management. But if increase the laboratory management personnel, it also causes problems such as the waste of human resources and the increased cost of school management, etc. The presented research, mainly by using the experience and thought in management of logistics field for reference, makes a research on the application of laboratory equipment management in colleges and universities based on RFID logistics technology to solve the problems exited in the management of laboratory equipments. Using real-time monitoring laboratory equipment and intelligent tracking laboratory equipments to record and verify information can reduce the workload of lab manager and strengthen the way and the level of the laboratory management. At the same time, it also can enables the superior managers to timely master the status of school laboratory equipments, accelerating the informational construction of universities and colleges, further optimizing the configuration of teaching laboratory equipments, and fully improving usage rate of the school laboratory equipments.

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