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Research on forming mechanism of innovation system of electronic information industry in China

Author(s): Hong Tang

As one of three main basic high-and-new technology industries, electronic information industry plays more and more obvious functions of infiltrating, integrating and supporting. Its innovation capability has become an important reflection of comprehensive national power and commanding height of international competition. China considers it as an important developing object as well and makes it the biggest industry in China. As international technology competition becomes increasingly furious, independent innovation capability is thought as an embodiment of core competitive power of a country. China already entered a critical period in which we have to rely on improvement of technology and independent innovation to promote economical development. Although scale of electronic information industry in China is in world front ranks, its sustained development and innovation abilities are not strong yet. This is why China is still a world's workshop now. Innovation system is extremely complicated. It is a social system in which government acts as a guiding factor, basic function of managing market resources is fully played, all kinds of technology innovation main bodies relate to each other closely and interact efficiently at the same time. This research started with discussing condition of electronic information industry in China, analyzed current status and main problems of electronic information industry innovation system in China, dissect formation mechanism of the system, studied existing problems in process of innovation, and put forward new thoughts and tragedies about how to improve the system.

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