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Research on factors in inheritance of traditional wushu from various levels

Author(s): Yanhong Wang

There are many factors affecting the inheritance of Chinese traditional Wushu or Wushu, among which route of transmission is the more important factor. This study mainly focuses on the communication factor on inheritance of traditional Wushu through investigations, questionnaires and interviews on the randomly chosen practitioners of traditional martial art projects and related academics, to explore the affecting factors. At first, a clear statement on the object and main research methods of this study is made to ensure a targeted questionnaire design. Then select the indicators influencing the spread of China's traditional Wushu through the exploratory factor analysis, and establish the common factor and the contribution rate. Finally, there is the corresponding factor analysis process of indicators influencing the spread of traditional Wushu, which focuses on four aspects such as transmission analysis, communicators’ analysis, analysis of propagation environment, and audience analysis, reflecting fully the influencing factors. Above mentioned is the main idea of this study, also tells about the main content and purpose of the study, demonstrating fully the scientificalness and rationality of this research thus to display the contradiction among factors influencing traditional Wushu.

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