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Research on enterprise small computer system construction applications in common use

Author(s): Xu Donghui

With the rapid development of computer science and technology as well as network communication technology, the computer technology information needs of different industries and different departments are growing increasingly. The manual management mode has been behind the development of the times, and the performance in universityÂ’s computer lab is particularly prominent. In this study, by finding the shortcomings of computer lab management works, we start from the information needs of each laboratory management, combine with business management processes, act based on the analysis of the information needs of the computer lab and based on the .NET-based architecture, design small computer system that meets the business daily management in common use. This study mainly designs and builds a computer lab management archive-based platform. In the process of creating platform and platform debugging, some problems are also found, and there are some aspects that need to be improved, such as data backup problems in platform. The userÂ’s permission settings need further reflection, and the entity in module also needs to be added. There are some issues still lacking consideration. Although the platform has not yet been perfect, but its integration and openness make it promising in the future. The computer lab management can be broadened to the integration with other specialized laboratories, so as to establish data file that can be shared, and conduct unified management for multi-professional laboratories.

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