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Research on effective application of sports biochemistry in sports teaching and training

Author(s): Yang Yu

Exercise biochemistry is a young science in competitive sports and mass sports are very important. Gradually by coaches and masses to understand and accept, become the important theoretical basis for the scientific training and scientific training. Therefore, through the establishment and development of exercise biochemistry subject, as well as the biological science and the development of sports science, exercise biochemistry at present should be adapted, in order to accelerate the development of sports science. Based on the development process including the subject of exercise biochemistry, proposes the tasks and direction of current. Exercise biochemistry is isolated from the body science meters in a basis of biological chemistry from several full research movements in the life of science. The human body all life activities are achieved by a series of chemical changes in the body, the movement of people Hugh Hugh l revealed in the essence of it works and training activities of life, from the more scientific sports teaching and sports training.

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